Amazing Response to My Blog on Getting Organized

Amazing Response to My Blog on Getting Organized

Thank you, Barb, for sharing your story.  It so touched me at so many levels.  Your journey amidst your old diabetes log books did not “spark joy” for me either.  Indeed, it sparked a sense of sadness for all your very hard work, for the memory of logging...

Another great review!

I enjoyed reading your book and appreciate even more about your journey.  It is very well written and admire your strength, generosity, and wonderful positive attitude. Thanks so much, Steph!

Cat LOVES The Savvy Diabetic!

The Savvy Diabetic is a fantastic read. It functions as both a top-notch resource for diabetics and their loved ones and as a engaging, humorous, open account of Joanne’s own journey as a diabetic. The book is organized brilliantly and each section’s focus...