ADVOCATE: n. [ad-vuh-kit, -keyt]: a person who speaks or writes in support or defense of a person, cause, etc.

You can advocate for yourself and your own health needs, get involved with the diabetes online community (DOC), which is a very vocal group of T1s who write, blog, podcast, write letters and lobby in and for the diabetes community, and choose to be involved in causes that touch your heart or your family or your pets or the environment. Search online for groups that advocate in the area of your passion … or start your own crusade!

Savvy Goes to Hollywood AGAIN!

Savvy Goes to Hollywood AGAIN!

Here I go again ... to HOLLYWOOD!  I'll be on The Bonnie Sher Show TOMORROW, Thursday, 30 March 2017, in the studio with Bonnie, as her T1d Cohost!        Please tune in at 2pm est: The Bonnie Sher Show - Boomer Life Universal Broadcast...

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